St. John Lutheran Church, registered as a national historic place in the county of Passaic, was built in 1896 by German immigrants. Even though the physical building was finished in 1897, services were taking place since 1891. Meaning over 125 years of service!

It all started on October 14, 1891, when the need for spiritual direction and a desire for German Lutheran Church led ten local families to organize our congregation called “The German Evangelical Lutheran Saint John’s Congregation of Passaic, New Jersey”. The first place of worship was the Grand Army Hall located at the corner of Main Ave. an Jefferson St. After approval of the congregational leaders, it was agreed to move worship services, Sunday school and other meetings al Reisel’s hall, at 20 Second st.

As the numbers of members increased rapidly, the congregation talked about erecting a church building, initiating a Building Fund. The Building Fund grew with donations given by local members, family, friends, and pastors in Germany, even donation from the Prince of Gera was received, The plans were drawn by well-known architect Ludwig Becker an carried out by Ludwick Kick. when all was done the final cost of the building with furnishing came in at $52,489.17 !

Today St. John Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America – a group of 165 churches. We are in the Northern Mission District and Bergen-Passaic Mission Cluster. St. John has become a bi-cultural church, with years ago, and have a bilingual service the last Sunday of every month.

We believe that God by the power of the Holy Spirit has called us to reach out to all people with the saving love of Jesus Christ. We are rooted in Word and Sacrament, committed to serving the community to bring transformation in people’s lives with the saving love of Jesus Christ.

We Have also opened ministries to help us serving God. we have the WELCA ladies serving our church and the community. We have the Breakfast ministry called “Pan de Vida” who served those less fortunate, providing food and word. We have the Music ministry who join us every Sunday with their talents in the Spanish Service.